Campus Prayer : How prayer changed a campus

USA: How prayer changed a campus

A testimony from a 24-7 Prayer Room in Ohio, USA:

‘I was hanging out with my friend Aimee when she told me a very strange thing. She said she had to leave for an “appointment with God”. Something inside me was curious, so when she invited me to come along to the prayer room, I did.…

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Building Up Spiritual Disciplines in 2015 : FASTING

This year, as part our training in godliness, we in 24-7 Prayer Malaysia, will embark on at least seven seasons of fasting and prayer which we hope that you will join us in, and an additional season for you to pray for us in the 24-7 Prayer Movement.

We have created a document with information you need to know in order to begin this season of fast and pray.…

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