24-7 Prayer Asia Gathering Hong Kong



24-7 Prayer International held its first Asia Gathering in Hong Kong from 12th to 14th February 2015, with 10 countries coming together.  Our Malaysian team sent a team of four to this inaugural meeting.  About 80 people from different regions of Asia gathered together to exchange stories of what God is doing in their city and nation.


The gathering was a small taste of heaven, filled with the joy of God’s family coming together, with sons and daughters from different backgrounds sharing their lives.  God’s presence was thick throughout the event.  The meetings were filled with warm embraces, laughter and tears, with different cultures connecting together through moving stories and hard-hitting challenges.


As each country chapter presented, it was evident that the Spirit was doing a powerful work of renewal throughout Asia, especially amongst the poor and those in the fringes of society.  It was a strong message that Christians in the major cities of Asia were to rise up and take their place in becoming strategic points where His good news is to be preached.


Likening ourselves to the Hobbits in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the Malaysian team shared our challenges faced, and the enormity of the task ahead. The air was pungent with expectation, which was eventually met with a rush of love and prayers.  Our big family in Asia gave us a word of knowledge and prophetic insight, and encouraged us through prayers and further conversations.



We stood strengthened and comforted.  Someone drew a picture of a ring set against the backdrop of purple and green, which was later interpreted as a confirmation of sonship and responsibility, and a warning of impending darkness.  We were encouraged to stand firm, and “fear no darkness”.

As we left Hong Kong, we felt in our hearts that each of us was deeply ministered to.  We departed with an affirmation of God’s of direction and mission for the work of the Malaysian 24-7 chapter for our nation, being deeply convicted by God’s heart of the urgency of the work ahead, knowing that as we trust Him wholeheartedly, He will lead us to victory as the battle belonged to Him.



Thoughts from the team

10959412_10205385034001227_3391748204933015719_nI was personally encouraged and challenged at the same time when we were up close and personal during the breakout time with Brian Heasley. He shared with us how prayer and mission goes hand in hand, like breathing in and breathing out.- Sonny


IMG-20150225-WA0000I am reminded that no matter how we may differ in terms of spoken language, skin colour or race, we are all being covered by the Blood of the Lamb, and we are His sons and daughters, His kings and queens – with one common goal, which is to see Him glorifed in our nations and in everything else. – Franklin


10322721_10152101590590098_1147927371907745492_nFor me, it was like coming to the end of the tunnel and finally breathing. Seeing God piece together the different pieces in the greatest love story ever. It was evident that in spite of the trials and testings, Jesus Himself is building a glorious church and we get to be part of it. – Eunice

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