Prayer United Retreat


‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is, For brethren to dwell together in unity!  – Psalm 133:1 – 


PRAYER UNITED  held its 3rd Annual Prayer Leaders’ Retreat recently from 19th to 22nd January 2015 in Port Dickson, which saw a formidable group of 141 intercessors, pastors, church and lay leaders from the 11-member prayer networks coming together to seek the Lord in unity, and to pray and mobilise the 24-7 prayer for the nation.

The retreat was marked by times of sweet fellowship and earnest prayer, and honest heartfelt conversations. It was a time of fresh anointing and impartation, as the Spirit moved powerfully through the retreat that culminated in an outpouring of joy and boldness.  We heard again the Lord’s heart for His Church to be united and holy. The broken and the weary were ministered to, and restored.  Tears flowed freely as testimony after testimony brought fresh and powerful insight into God’s continuing work in Malaysia that filled us with joy.  Some of the heart wrenching testimonies prepared our hearts too to the harsh reality of the difficult road ahead.


At the very core of PU work over the next two years is the way to mobilise the national 24-7 prayer initiative forward, in a shared commitment that was framed in three key thrusts set out below:-

  1. Uniting and Sustaining Churches Across Traditions in Visionary Intercession for the Nation. The challenge raised by all, was to find ways to unite, stimulate and sustain the churches and prayer groups in 24-7 prayer across the nation.  It was acknowledged that the task ahead was phenomenal, but worthwhile, as “the history of revivals shows the vital importance of corporate, prevailing, visionary intercessory prayer for the city and the body of Christ.”[1]
  1. Developing a Second Layer of Regional Coordination Teams As An Effective Means to Motivate, Mobilize and Monitor. Regional groups were encouraged to put together ways to motivate, mobilise and monitor regional 247 prayer efforts. These geographical coordinating teams would play a catalytic role in building united corporate prayer by creating relationships across denominational and organizational boundaries among the churches in the towns and cities across their respective regions.
  1. Creating a Secretariat to Administer and Develop Informed Prayer. It was agreed that a secretariat office that will administer and manage the dissemination of informed prayer points would be created. This office would harness the wisdom and unity of Christian leaders in envisioning and providing direction for the whole nation to pray.  Its work to centralize, monitor and archive the vitality of the 24-7 national initiatives, while coordinating the needs of the various PU members, would eventually provide the base for which the prayer ecosystem can rest so that the prayer movement will eventually be self-sustaining.  The office would be temporarily hosted by the 24-7 Prayer Malaysia Boiler Room in Petaling Jaya, due to its prime location.



It is acknowledged a 24-7 national prayer movement cannot be produced without the providential work of the Holy Spirit to create a unique national prayer ecosystem that is empowered and blessed by Him. As we work, let us wait in confident expectation and in faithful service, to keep pursuing His glory to be manifested in our nation this 2015.

[1] Timothy Keller, Center Church 

Thoughts from the 24-7 Prayer Malaysia Team



‘This PU has been a very profound experience to me. I have witnessed another historical moment for Pelayanan Doa Guning Murud where many who came for the first time made it possible for pieces of the puzzle to be put in place. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect such a gathering of key people in the prayer ministry to come from the rural places in the mountains to be there. No one can comprehend the thoughts of the Lord. I can foresee that the Lord is moving in some big wave through this collaboration. And I am excited to see the complete picture of the puzzle.’ – Sandra


IMG-20150224-WA0007 (2)


“I went to the PU retreat’by accident’ not knowing what to expect but God used the many ‘coincidences’ that happened throughout the retreat to reveal Himself in an unmistakably real way. Going for the retreat for me, was a GOOD ‘accident’ meant to happen! ” – Angela




“The PU retreat was a profound experience of how our Father, in all His power and surprises can impact the hearts of men to be bold, courageous and hungry for more of Him. He equips those whom He has called and that is the firm affirmation we need to press on in this glorious battle. ” – Franklin




‘My experience during PU retreat: 1. Seeking Him for 24-7 Prayer in the Nation.2. Not a day without prayer.3. In Him life is so beautiful… Prayer is so powerful! humility, patience and integrity!’ – Josie

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